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The “Sensible” Weight Loss Program

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step toward a thinner, healthier and happier you! Our aim at Refresh Lifestyle is dedicated to working with you as a team to correctly attain your weight loss goal.

It is the combination of the nutritious, well balanced diet, prescribed vitamins and supplements, B-12 and B Complex injection, an individualized program of moderate exercise, and one weekly weigh-ins with our medical staff that make this program simple, sensible and satisfying.

The Refresh Lifestyle regimen is an outgrowth of a weight loss method developed in the 1950’s. This strict high protein, low carbohydrate system developed in Rome, Italy, has been widely accepted as a significant contribution to good nutrition and weighs loss. The diet we use at Refresh Lifestyle is modified from Dr. Evans original diet.

By carefully following this high protein, low carbohydrate technique, along with a daily variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables, patients can achieve significant weight loss.

Depending on various factors involved, including an individual’s metabolic rate, a Refresh Lifestyle patient may lose as much as 3 to 7 pounds a week!


When dieting, your daily food allowance is reduced. To help curb hunger pangs, appetite suppressants are dispensed. They are an aid to help curb your hunger, making it easier to follow the Refresh Lifestyle diet. Dosage and strength varies from patient to patient. Most patients feel no hunger, dizziness or fatigue while on the program. The B12 and B Complex vitamin injections are an additional boost from your body’s needs. It is important to us that you feel good while on the Refresh Lifestyle program. We want you to tell us how you feel!



Follow the diet. Follow the diet. Follow the diet. Follow the diet. Substituting other foods for those on the list will result in an adverse affect. Switching and replacing may cause poor nutrition, slower weight loss and an increase in calorie and/ or fat intake. In some cases it will even cause weight gain! Surplus calories are stored as body fat-regardless of the food source. Remember, the list of allotted foods is designed to work together to achieve maximum weight loss. The menu is well balanced and varied with many foods so that you will not become bored.



1) Do not fry foods in oil. If you wish to fry, use PAM. Do not fry in butter or margarine. We recommend cooked items be baked, boiled or broiled.

2) Spices are allowed and even encouraged! Take this opportunity to discover and experiment with new seasonings! By using distinctive flavors and aromas, you decrease monotony and increase interest. Salt may be used moderately.

3) For salads a low-calorie dressing may be used, but make sure it contains no oils or dairy products. (Fresh lemon juice, black pepper and sweet basil make a good salad dressing.)

4) DAIRY ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Dairy is not part of this diet. The vitamins and supplements we provide make up for no dairy. (You may take calcium supplement if you wish.)

5) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED! Many alcoholic beverages contain high amounts of refined sugar.

6) Snacking is dangerous and can be your downfall! Think before eating. Even fast-food restaurants have salad bars. When you control your appetite, you control your weight. If you are hungry in-between meals, eat as many of the low calorie vegetables you wish, or a portion of your daily fruit.

7) Physical activity is a must! Weight-loss and physical activity go hand in hand. An increase in activity helps keep both your appetite and your weight down. Brisk walking is an excellent from of exercise. Walking is good for your cardiovascular system and for toning your body. Dedicate yourself to making physical activity a part of your life’s routine and enjoy the benefits!

8) Drink plenty of water! Patients should drink at least 8 large glasses – the equivalent of 64 ounces- of water, low sugar beverages, tea and decaffeinated coffee, you avoid constipation and dehydration. The juice of one lemon should be included in your daily fluid intake. Instead of that cup of coffee in the morning, boil some water as you normally would and squeeze the lemon juice into the water-filled mug. An artificial sweetener can be added to reduce the tartness.

9) Meat, fish and food should be weighed raw.

10) Be smart about calories. Be smart about cooking. Be smart about what and how You eat. And be smart about exercise.

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